The Green Eyed Monsters – Jealousy & Envy

No one is immune to the green-eyed monster. If you say you’ve never been jealous or envious you’re a liar!

I find that too many people are so jealous in relationships and work. I see it all around me. So I thought id blog it.

Jealousy and envy are emotions that everyone experiences from time to time (whether it be in the context of friendships, romance or work), it’s not always easy to deal with these feelings BUT that doesnt mean you need to let yourself become a crazy deranged psychotic bitch.

While most people use the words “jealousy” and “envy” interchangeably, they’re actually two distinct emotions.

Jealousy:   is that icky feeling you get when you are afraid something will be taken away from you

Envy:         is icky feeling you get when someone has something that you want for yourself.

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Fortunately, there are ways to keep them from affecting your life

How to Deal with It?

  • You own this shit. You have to recognize that this is all about you the control that mothafucka
  • Deconstruct these feelings.  Worried about what your sister has? STOP! Instead focus on your strengths and the opportunities. If you think about yourself enough you’ll soon drown your sister out.
  • You may be creating a problem out of perception. Do you really have problems? Really now? Think long and hard. Don’t go around making mountains out of mole hills. People are dying at war and you getting dog hair on your suit is not a real problem.
  • You thought your way into this, now think your way out of it.  A magic wand is not going to fix this.

Three miracle social experiments you can try that can change the way you look at the world in one week – Tried and Tested.  (Advice from a shrink I once saw):

1.    Every day for one week, write down 100 blessings in your life. Do not repeat blessings. You’d be                surprised how many there are once you start.

2.   Call both your parents and all your siblings on the phone or in person,  and tell them three things that         you’re thankful for about having them in your life. You can leave the social experiment part of it out.

3.       At least once this same week, go to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen and volunteer for eight                 hours. Then sit down and write about your experience there.



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