The 3 Types of Boyfriend A Lawyer Dates

warning: only lawyers/law students may relate

THE LAWYER BOYFRIEND He is strong, he is opinionated and he does not take shit from you! He is the one who is financially and emotionally stable in the relationship. Do not start a fight with him because you will lose and cry yourself to sleep at night. You can’t demand things from him because he expects you to be equally independent as he is. So how do you maintain a healthy relationship with the lawyer boyfriend and be happy? There are smarter ways to deal with this type of man than being whiny and aggressive. He thinks he is already a man but every man is still a boy deep inside, so let him ‘feel’ like a man he thinks he is once in a while.

-STROKE THE MOTHER FUCKER’S EGO,STROKE THAT SHIT. Ask about his work and pretend to be interested in what he does, tell him how smart and hardworking he is. Remember, you are actually in control, not him. It’s the ultimate mind fuck.

THE WANNABE LAWYER BOYFRIEND This is a tricky one because while you’re sitting comfortably in your office slaving for the law, your boyfriend who has failed the bar is still trying to make it. Don’t get me wrong, your boyfriend is not a wasteman. He is passionate, he is ambitious, and there is no doubt that he wants to be a lawyer more than you do. It’s just that sometimes the system works against you (or just shit out of luck). He cannot relate to your complaints at work or your dying passion for law because he wants to be in your position so bad. You wish that he’ll just get you for once, everyone has their own issues. If he has “no work” issues, you have “work” issues too! So how do you avoid a fight when your boyfriend does not give you the attention that you want? How does one not look like a spoiled little bitch?

-SARCASM WITH A HINT OF CUTENESS. When a man is striving for his career, he could get a little bit sensitive. He will prioritize his career more than anything else, more than you! So, give him alot of care and love because he needs the support. But do it sarcastically so you are actually the one in control, not him. When he eventually makes it, you will get all the credit for being the loving girlfriend.

THE NON LAWYER BOYFRIEND So this guy is not in the law industry, you are already in control. But conversations can get so dull and frustrating because he just does not get it at all. He thinks that what happens in the tv series Suits is real and all you do is defend criminals . You wish that your boyfriend is not stupid, and you can have more intellectual conversations with him. He is a “yes’ man,but you want him to make the decisions sometimes, even for simple things like where to eat and what to have for dinner, but you wear the pants in the relationship! How do you get him on the same page as you?

-BE GRATEFUL YOU BITCH. Your boyfriend takes shit from you. He spoils you like a princess and he does not always want to win every single argument. Unlike the lawyer and the wannabe lawyer, every fight is a must win case. He does not make you admit you’re wrong. He does not bore you with more “law talks” at home. He has time for you and he takes you out for movies. If you feel that you deserve something more once in a while, think about the two other types of boyfriend. That is all.


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