Is your boy friend cheating on you? 

1. Sudden change in routine

2. Suddenly goes to the gym

3. Suddenly unnaturally nice

4. Suddenly so patient

5 suddenly wants to buy you gifts

6. Sudden change of display pictures on WhatsApp/ Facebook/ Instagram

7. Sudden lack of cares for what you’re up to

8. Sudden desire to go shopping

9. When you pick up his phone to do something innocuous like check the time he FREAKS OUT

10. He works over time all the time 

11. Suddenly too busy to meet or speak as often as before 

12. Keeps calling himself a loner. Like over emphasising that he’s alone. 

13. He has more girl friends than you

14. He seems to be liking all sorts of break up posts on Social Media

15. He is following too many sexy looking girls on social media 

17. Posts all sorts of pictures of women, including but not limited to, his female friends, ex girlfriends, ex fuck buddies on his social media but none of you as his current girlfriend. 

18. Suddenly has commitment issues. 

19. Hesitant about introducing you to his friends

20. Reluctant to introduce you to any of his family 


None of these things in isolation automatically mean your boyfriend is cheating but if you’re saying yes to more than one of these questions and the excuses are just piling up then you need to walk the f*** away.



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