Instagram #Hashtags for Dummies

So you know about #ThrowbackThursday but did you know that there are #hashtags for everyday of the week? NO? Then you’re a dummy like me, or, or you just have a life.

In any event here is a compilation of the all the #hashtags you’ll ever need if you wanna jump on that social media bandwagon! Have Fun!

Day #Hashtag Explanation/Examples
Monday #MondayBlues  1.         Garfield-like “this day sucks” snapshots of your   Doritos-stained pyjamas,2.         Duck face frown or

3.         Unruly bed hair

 #ManicMonday 1.         super-busy first-day-of-the-week2.         Tall pile of papers on desk
#MusicMonday 1.         share a snippet of your first-weekday tunage 
#ManicureMonday 1.         Self explanatory
Tuesday #TuesdayBoozeday 1.      Stream of drinks2.      Drunken Antics
#TransformationTuesday 1.          Progress on personal goals2.          Before and after shots
#TakeMeBackTuesday 1.         Prequel to weekly throwback2.         The basic old faded photos, bestie photo booth pics etc.
Wednesday #HumpDay 1.        Contrary to popular belief hump day is not actually about humping. It’s to indicate the middle of the week, the summit of the week. Hence the hump2.        So Hump Day is when you sit back and pretend its already the weekend
#WellnessWednesday 1.      A day to promote health and fitness2.      Showcase all your yoga poses and all the dumbbells you can lift

3.      No pain, no gain

#WednesdayWisdom 1.      Feeling blue that its not the weekend yet?2.      Psych yourself up with an inspirational quote

3.      Share your favorite Dead Poets Society Quote, or rather just the one :p

#WayBackWednesday 1.      Too many childhood photos you want to share? This one is just for you
Thursday #ThrowbackThursday 1.      If you don’t already know what this is then you need to go Google it.
 #ThirstyThursday 1.      What you drinking? Post it!2.      Who are you thirsty for? Post it!
#Thursdate 1.      Who are you on a date with?
#ThursdayFunDay 1.      Doing anything fun?
Friday #FridayNight 1.      What are you doing?2.      Where are you partying?

3.      Who are you partying with?

#FridayReads 1. Nerdy #FridayFunday2. Good book?
Saturday #SaturdaySwag#SaturdayShenanigans 1. Are you doing anything?2. Are you doing nothing?
#Caturday 1.      Because come on, everybody on the Internet loves cats. If you don’t, then something is seriously wrong with you. And you’re lying.
Sunday #SundayFunday This is your last chance to make something out of your week. If you haven’t bombarded your feed yet then this your moment to shine
#SelfieSunday If you’ve done your friends a great service by holding out on sharing your face, you may now reward yourself.

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